Mega Biltong Box

Xmas, Easter and your Birthday all in one box! A total of 325g of mouth-watering fresh biltong in our full range of flavours:

  • 50g of Traditional Biltong 
  • 50g of Garlic Biltong 
  • 50g of Teriyaki Lemon Pepper Biltong 
  • 25g of Mild Chill (Sticks)
  • 25g of Hot Chilli (Sticks)
  • 25g of XXX Chilli (Sticks)
  • 25g of Teriyaki Lemon Pepper (Sticks)
  • 25g of Whisky Lime & Chilli (Sticks)
  • 25g of Garlic (Sticks)
  • 25g of Sweet Chilli & Ginger (Sticks)

Let us know whether you would like it delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

If you want to swap any out for more sliced biltong, sticks, Dry Wors or Cabanossi,  let us know in the comments section at Checkout. 

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