Hi. We are busy transitioning to a new phase so for now there will be no online orders. I will keep you updated.



 We try to do our best to fulfil our motto of fresh is best. 

We only ship Monday - Wednesday so our biltong doesn't sit in a warehouse over a weekend. 

Essentially, you order, we slice and off it goes.  But once it has left our premises, it is out of our hands. 

If you have animals that will enjoy the biltong more than you, and you think the biltong may not be safe in their grubby paws, please leave a note at shipping on where the courier should leave the parcel.We have had dogs rip apart these yummy parcels. 

If they just cannot be trusted, please use a work address (if you think you can trust your co-workers not to steal your biltong once they've tasted it.) 


Environmentally Friendly 

Our biltong is in recyclable bags and boxes and our courier bags are being replaced with either recyclable or compostable courier bags. 



 As our product is fresh and shipped in breathable paper bags, we do not ship overseas.  If you want to take some overseas whilst on holiday or for a present,  we are happy to vacuum pack it for you. 

However, you are responsible for checking with the country of destination if biltong is allowed and for declaring it.  Most countries accept meat from NZ and we put labels on it.