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Our Story

I'm from Zimbabwean and Icelandic heritage. Born in Zimbabwe, I met Kyle in South Africa at Rhodes University. A South African, he is my wingman, and has been for the past 29 years. We have lived in South East Asia for almost 8 years, and in between had two lovely daughters, Savannah and Ayla.  We have all been living in New Zealand for 9 years. 

It was quite a journey getting here.   Sailing across the Indian Ocean for a year destroyed our dreams of living a normal life forever. A stint of freelance writing came and then building, owning and managing an African family restaurant in Malaysia.

Two babies and four itchy feet later and we were backpacking around SEA and NZ for 10 months.  Bought a yacht and decided to sail to New Zealand, then ended up living in Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo again for 18 months before New Zealand called us back. 

Kyles first experience with biltong was after his mom hit a buck (deer) in South Africa one evening. As a 11 year old, he had to throw it into the back of their van and once home, he watched his grandfather make biltong from it. There started his love for it. He continued this passion. 

 When he was involuntarily sucked into the dark side ( he got a corporate job) and  the girls had decided to go to school I, the cheese maker at home, decided to turn my hand to distilling our own alcohol. Once I had accomplished that, I turned my hand to making biltong. And more biltong and dry wors and biltong sticks.

I took it from there, a woman in a mans world, and experimented with new flavours and new ways of making it.The joke in our house was that mom made the alcohol and biltong and dad vacuumed.

And so Nyama was born.