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Our People

MEET YOUR BILTONG BUDDIES - We are normal people like you, only, we make wicked biltong. 

Tanya - Biltong Babe

Hi. It’s me Tanya. I’m writing this in first person otherwise it would sound weird. I am Zimbabwean with an Icelandic mom. How cool (and hot) is that? Poles apart but they still found love. And had me. Sweet.

I’m the biltong maker. And boy has it been a long journey getting here. I was meant to be a lawyer but one year of law school cured me of that insanity. So got an honours degree in Video Production Journalism. 

Spent the next 14 years of my life owning and managing a South African restaurant in Malaysia, writing, homeschooling my girls and living between South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and trying to find Utopia. 

I Found it in Nelson. 

The highlight of my life is my weekly Nelson Saturday Market and my larger fairs and events.

I love to chat … and chat and to meet with my customers and fellow Biltong Buddies. So if you ever want a gander, come down to the Saturday Market or just email me. I love to write too. About health, life, and all that stuff. My sister says I’m a woman’s version of Dr. Phil. I call a spade a spade. But I’m loyal as hell. And I love to cook up a storm. Our house is always full of teenagers, neighbours, red wine and something yummy. So if you need a talk, give me a shout.


Kyle -Biltong Bro

He’s the man who wears way too many hats! He quit the corporate world to join the Biltong Buddy team in 2018 and  I kept him so busy with our IT systems and design work, that once it was complete he escaped back.  But you will often find him with me at our bigger markets as he still enjoys them and chatting to all our regulars. 

An accomplished IT systems architect by trade, a genius visual information designer ( Check out his Rugby Art prints which took 2 ½ years to create, including moving the whole family to live on a yacht in Malaysia for a year, because it was cheap) and which were gifted to Prince Harry and Prince William)

He also adds yacht designer, wooden yacht corker, sous chef and awesome dad to his resume. His mode of relaxation is spending the day in the kitchen or outside with a bottle of red wine, a wood fire,  and creating masterpieces. He makes a mean smoked ribs.

He is my wingman and I could never have done it without him as he has been my best friend for 30 years. I sometimes call him Mr Grumps. But he is sooooo laid back that its been said if he was ever more laid back he would be dead. You can come and have a chat with him at the Saturday Market, where he will either be selling Biltong or his Rugby Prints. He’s a very interesting fellow.

 Savannah - Biltong Babe 1

She came into being whilst living in Cape Town. She spent the first two years of her life living on a wine farm and almost being bitten by a Poffadder, one of the most poisonous snakes in South Africa and having to get inside when the rogue baboon troupe came down off the mountain to harass us.  This was also the time when she became obsessed with chickens. She then joined her crazy parents backpacking around South East Asia for 7 months and living in New Zealand for 3 in 2003. The next few years were spent growing up living on a small wooden yacht in Cape Town, watching out for her sister and helping her dad renovate the old classic. From there she upped her game and whilst backpacking and living throughout South East Asia for 18 months in 2008, she became a pro at joining drinking games and getting her dad to drink when she lost. She was 8. He soon put a stop to that. Her first few years in New Zealand entailed hatching and rearing chickens and a miniature Kune kune pig who turned out not so miniature and would eat the Xmas decorations.

She is now a lovely teen who can often be found helping out at our Nelson Saturday Market or setting up with her sister when we are away doing a market out of Nelson. Shumba is her sleeping biltong buddy.


Ayla - Biltong Babe 2

She was also born under Table Mountain. Literally. A bit crazy like her mom, she also took to yachtie life and her swimming pool was next to wild seals. She always liked the pretty dresses and painting, even on the boat. She had a habit of falling into the icy seas and I was often found wet while fully dressed. She quickly learnt to swim. She was always in her own world as saw it differently. Her backpacking days and living in Langkawi and Borneo, were spent dancing, speaking to people and being …..Ayla.

She is now a quirky teen who is off to study Special Effects and Prosthetics in Auckland, and often helps at the Nelson Market. Her painting has improved and she still loves pretty dresses. 

Shumba - Biltong Buddy

You have to love this guy. Big and hairy, a talker, loyal to a T. He wakes me up in the mornings. If I’m sick he will spend the whole day in bed with me, but is always up for a swim in our river which is 20 metres from the Biltong Studio. He’s allowed to swim in the river but he won’t allow me to swim in the sea. Go figure. He spends his days lying outside the Biltong Studio, hoping for some biltong. He obviously gets some. But when it is thundering down, , I have to insist he goes inside. He is our biltong taster and guard. The best Biltong Buddy you could ever ask for.

Foo - Biltong Bandit

What can we say about Mr. Foo. He is obsessed with toilet paper rolls and my shoes. I can never find them. We also have to keep the Biltong under lock and key as he is a thief. Blind in one eye, we watch him quietly waddling past us, thinking we can’t see him because he can’t see us, a bag of Biltong in his mouth. Cheeky bugger.