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A South African style  Air-Dried cured meat. Like jerky but much tastier, tender  and healthier.

At Nyama, we don’t use any preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, msg - in fact, no funny stuff at all. It is just free range canterbury angus beef, spices, apple cider vinegar and air. It is gluten free.   Air drying means that the beefs enzymes are not broken down and it keeps most of its core nutrients.

High Protein

It is a high protein snack with over 50g of protein in a single 100g serving.

It is an ‘easy protein’ as it is so simple to increase your daily protein intake by just eating this as no preparation is needed.

One team member of the Godzone race took a large slab of our biltong with them and they loved it, especially the simplicity and taste.

Ideal Post-Workout Snack


Biltong is also a good source of vital minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin B-12, that help replenish the body after a tough training session.

Amino Acids

It contains all the essential amino acids for normal healthy functions. This allows your body to be nourished with the proteins it needs to grow and repair.

Biltong is also high in the branch chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine which are required for muscle protein synthesis that usually takes place for up to 72 hours post-workout. This means that these amino acids are largely absorbed into the body under demand from your muscles which will also aid recovery, therefore making biltong ideal to eat regardless of your training goals.

Biltong also has Taurine, Carnitine and Creatine present. Taurine is a key player in cardiovascular function, carnitine helps your body convert fat into energy, and Creatine encourages your body to use more energy.

“Each time you eat 100g of biltong, you take in as much creatine as what sports people use per day," says Prof Tim Noakes, head of the South African Sports Science Institute. He also said that biltong is the safer way to take the substance.

Despite this being a great post-workout snack, it is an excellent food to have at any time during the day to increase your protein intake or to reduce hunger.