Hi. We are busy transitioning to a new phase so for now there will be no online orders. I will keep you updated.

No Bull - Just Great Biltong

Fresh is always best.  A fresh peach or a tinned one? A fresh pea in its pod or a frozen one? 

Same for biltong. Freshly sliced tastes far superior to biltong that has been packaged. 

Our previous packaging wasn't us, our markets were. There we were slicing and people were walking off with fresh biltong in a paper bag. 

Our previous packaging was us trying to fit in with everyone else. Something we've never done in our whole lives.  

We have since pulled our packaged biltong out of the retail stores and focussed on online so that you can order, we can slice, and it should be with you the next day. 

We are so excited about our new biltong boxes and packets which are sincere, no bells & whistles and good for the environment. 

Or as we've put it:  No Bull - Just Great Biltong!

Please note: If an order comes through late Thursday or on a Friday, we will only ship on Monday so the biltong doesn't sit in a hot warehouse over the weekend.  You wouldn't like to sit in a hot warehouse would you?