Hi. We are busy transitioning to a new phase so for now there will be no online orders. I will keep you updated.

Environmentally Friendly

This has been an incredible journey for us. And it all started with a thought popping into my head one day. I have spent the past years grumbling about how the onus for recycling should start with the producers of products selling them in recyclable packaging. 

And here I was, a new business owner, and I had literally followed the herd and designed this beautiful packaging I was so proud of. So we could fit in. And I was part of the problem I had been complaining about. 

We immediately withdrew our products from the few retail shops we were in and decided to reinvent ourselves.  It made us have to really think, every step of the way. You think you have found one ideal solution, only to hit  another stumbling block. What we learnt is that with perseverance, thinking out the box, and asking people around you for help and advice, you can get there. 

We now only sell online or at our markets and fairs. We loved our markets and there we sold our biltong in breathable, recyclable, paper bags. So why not keep it fresh?

Fresh is Best and No Bullshit, just great Biltong was born.  Your order, we slice, bag and ship.  

Next problem were the little sticky labels we used to identify and close the bags. 

We came up with ink stamps. More time consuming, bag isn't sealed, BUT, people open the bags straight away and crumple them closed. 

 Courier Bags. Those nasty but necessary bits of plastic that get our product safely into your hands.  They are now compostable courier bags and for larger orders I reuse boxes I pick up from the supermarkets. 

If your order arrives in a box, please note it may be from a box of tea, rum, cider or even sandwhich bags. Yes, we recycle boxes too. 

So we are now 100% environmentally friendly. 

Now to look at production. We accumulate way too much plastic, foam trays and ties with each production. Our butcher has said we can bring our own bins. This was on the next on the agenda. However, upon speaking to our Food Health and Safety officer, she has said this will be a problem. 

Keep checking up to follow our journey.