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Awesome Nelson Foodies

The idea of the Adventure Snack Pack came to me one day when I wanted something healthy, yummy and nutritious to just Grab and Go, for a walk. I spent more time walking down the aisles of the shops looking for this, cutting bags open, putting them into smaller bags, than I did the walk. 

Being a seller for years at the Nelson Saturday Market, surrounded by amazing food artisans, it dawned on me that I could create the perfect tramping pack! and here we are. 

I now introduce you to the members of the Ultimate and Freedom Snack Pack. 

Nyama. Thats me! 

Pics Peanut Butter

Pic started making peanut butter back in 2007. In 2018, Pics Peanut Butter can be found in many pantries of discerning Kiwi peanut butter eaters, as well as quite a few around the globe too. You can still find Pic heading up Pics in sunny Nelson and sometimes at the Nelson Saturday Market. He'll happily chat about PB and driverless cars. 

Urban Hippie

Urban Hippie was established in 2011 with Mie and Takehito Maeda. It was the only Miso paste (fermented soybeans)} manufactured in New Zealand, and still is. They naturally ferment their Miso for over 6 months and it is unpasteurized, GMO free, MSG free, Gluten Free, and Vegan. Takehito has 15 years experience as a Japanese chef, and has been living in Nelson since 1998 and loving the outdoors and New Zealand. They have now started producing their own soya beans. When he is not weeding or selling, he can be found surfing or mountain biking. 

Aroha Chocolate 

Aroha Chocolate was founded by husband and wife team Jo Logan and Mike Duke (aka Wobblie.)  Jo began making chocolate gifts for friends and family which were well received and has lead her and her husband to become Nelsons Boutique Chocolates company. 

After becoming a Certified Chocolatier by completing training both here in NZ and Canada, Jo continues to develop new and exciting techniques and taste sensations to deliver you with fresh confectionary delights. 

Riverina Almonds 

Graham and Gill Farndell have the only commercial almond orchard in New Zealand and live in sunny Marlborough. They've been growing them for over 30 years. These almonds are Spray Free, traditionally smoked with hickory and processed to order. You can find them at the Nelson and Marlborough Farmer Markets. They live rurally surrounded by animals and you can find them mountain biking in their spare time. 

Shortbread House

Shelley grew up baking next to her mother and then had her daughter by her side as she had fun in the kitchen. After family members developed allergies and intolerances, she developed a range of crackers and shorbreads that were delicious as well as healthy. When Shelly isn't baking or selling at the Nelson Saturday Market, she is out deep sea fishing. 

Little Beauties 

Back in 2010 the Wastney family started drying feijoas from their family orchard in Nelson, looking to send this treasure to friends and family abroad who longed for a taste of home. They had such positive feedback from feijoa lovers that they decided to make these Little Beauties available to everybody who shares their love for these New Zealand Icons or those intrigued to discover them.