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8 Flavours

All our biltong is free of gluten, preservatives, msg, nitrates, nitrites and any funny stuff. 

We've "taken biltong to a new level". A genuine comment from one of our customers.  No need to make it up. 

What also makes it special is that it is all marinaded in either red wine, whisky or brandy. 

You like traditional, your partner garlic and your kids the teriyaki lemon pepper. We've got you covered!

Traditional. - Simply The Best

Garlic  - Vampire Slayer

Teriyaki Lemon Pepper -  Samurai Sword

Mild Chilli Sliced - Dragons Breath

Whiskey Lime and Chilli - Hot Scot

Mild Chilli Sticks -  Dragons Breath

Hot Chilli -  Dragons Fire

XXX Chilli -  Mother-in-Laws Tongue