Merry Merry and all that Jazz

Merry Christmas (Hana Koko) to all my lovely customers. 

Wishing you all a safe, fun, and relaxing holiday. 

Tanya, Kyle, Savannah, Ayla

Shumba and Foo


Get Your Xmas bag order in now. There are Only So many we can make. They are then delivered to you fresh closer to Xmas. 

100g Traditional Sliced

100g Garlic Sliced 

50g Whisky Lime Chilli Sticks

50g Teriyaki Lemon Pepper Sticks

50g Hot Chilli Sticks 

50g Whole Traditional Slab

1 Smoked Cabanossi 

Last orders are on the 14th December. Shipped on the 17th December. 

Unless you are picking up which is:

Saturday Nelson Market 21 st December 

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Montgomery Square, 


New Zealand, 

Saturdays 8am-1pm